Letter to the editor – Tower Watch draws response from district official

March 30, 2017 1:52 PM

I am writing to let you and your editorial staff know that the District and College Administration are working very hard to fix and maintain the utilities infrastructures at Laney on a daily basis. I have assigned the Assistant Chief Engineer at Laney College (Jason Busby) to fix the restroom that was featured in your Tower Watch, and also paint over the bathroom that has graffiti also in building E. The bathroom sink that was featured was fixed March 20 (according to Jason), while the pull stations throughout Laney are being fixed and tested and should be complete by March […]

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Letters to the editor – Don’t silence our students’ speech

March 16, 2017 12:01 PM

“The Kind of School that Stifles Students’ Free Speech?” in the March 2, 2017 issue of the Laney Tower is a serious matter. [Laney Tower faculty advisor Burt Dragin] was right to take the article down to make sure all of the facts about Dr. Anthony S. Tricoli were correct before reinstating the article’s position on the Laney Tower website. I believe Dr. Tricoli should have acknowledged his past mistakes, then written a letter to the Laney Tower suggesting that he is no longer that person, as well as explain to students, staff, and faculty who he is now. He […]

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Letters to the editor – Rethinking Black History Month

12:01 PM

I read the article “Rethinking Black History”. I am glad that I came across this article because I have been thinking this for years! We don’t know much about Black History because we have only been taught a very small portion of it. Black history did not start with slavery, and it did not end with the Civil Rights Movement. In fact, it goes back thousands of years. Even though we were robbed of our culture and history, it is up to us to expand our knowledge of our history. If we do not know our history, we do not […]

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Letters to the editor – Unity and disunity at Trump’s speech

11:59 AM

Sixty-six women wore white suits adorned with gold and purple flowers while sitting stoically through the presidential address last Tuesday. These women in white held their applause and refused to jump from their seats as Trump promised to “Make America Great Again.” Female Republicans called for unity, but sadly did not unite with female Democrats in support of women’s rights. The white these Democrats donned represented the Women’s Suffrage Movement of the 1920’s. The Women’s Suffrage Movement gave women the right to vote and catapulted equal rights for women in America. The group said they were not protesting. Rather, they […]

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Letters to the Editor – Legacies of slavery and oppression

March 2, 2017 8:58 AM

I read the article “Oppression and Entertainment” in the Feb. 16 of the Laney Tower and thought it was very interesting. It is always amazing when you can turn something so ugly into something beautiful. Artist Milton Bowen was able to shed light on slavery and the oppression of African Americans through entertainment. The mental conditioning in Bowen’s “Making of a Slave” is still relevant today. African Americans have endured hundreds of years of manipulation, torture, slavery, and mistreatment. There are things that went on in slavery that have affected the African American community in a negative way. Habits and […]

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Letters to the Editor – Homelessness and humanization

8:57 AM

I appreciate the coverage on homelessness in the Laney Tower’s Feb. 16 issue’s coverage of the homelessness census, and the humanization of the people who live through homelessness. I don’t think a lot of people try to give much thought about what it would be like to be homeless, and they end up ignoring and dehumanizing homeless people completely. So thank you for this honest coverage. Nicole Lovett Journalism

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Letters to the editor – Olympian fighting for recognition

September 16, 2016 9:41 AM

It was refreshing to read Allison Stapp’s article on Olympic boxer Clarissa Shields (“For US boxer, two golds but no green”). Before reading this article I was unaware that Clarissa was from Flint, Michigan where the town has been polluted with toxic water for its citizens’ use. After winning the first Olympic gold-medal at 17 years of age in London, endorsements never came for Clarissa. Despite all of her hardships Clarissa trained again yet for another Olympic Games! Victorious again she won her second gold-medal at 21 in the recent games in Rio this year! It’s unfortunate that the media […]

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Letters to the editor

September 5, 2016 7:06 AM

Problems without solutions I appreciate the Laney Tower’s attempt to humanize a problem many would rather ignore. The paper took many steps forward in defining the problems that create homelessness, but failed to deliver a coherent story that readers could learn from. In the central article, “From Pipe City to Tent City”, the writer jumps from history to current problems and solutions without a clear path, transitions, or conclusion, which left me as a reader feeling lost in the article. While I understand the pressure of limited pages to cover such a large story, I would have liked to see […]

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Letters to the Editor – Overwhelmed by overcrowding

May 19, 2016 1:25 PM

When I walked into my English class for the first time this semester, I was immediately taken aback by how crowded the room was. I sat down in my seat, only to find it sinking beneath me. This is a common experience on the Laney campus, many desks have broken hydraulics that deflate on impact. I switched chairs. I placed my pen down next to my books and watched as it slowly rolled off the crooked desk. Students placed on the wait list had shown up hoping to attend the class as they waited for others to drop. These students […]

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Letters to the editor – Laney should not be up for sale

1:23 PM

This is a topic that should not even be up for discussion. There are a countless number of individuals who depend on Laney to further their academic endeavors. Community Colleges were made for students who couldn’t initially afford to attend a 4 year college. Students would attend a CC to receive an Associate’s Degree then transfer to a 4 year college for a Bachelor’s Degree. Laney has been standing solid since 1953 and is the eldest of the Peralta Community Colleges. It’s in a beneficial location for most of its students to get to since it’s right by Bart and […]

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Letters to the Editor – Tower gave reader the run-around

1:22 PM

The story “Ripped off” (May 5) begins with an engaging aesthetic framing the issue on hand, yet the way the story is broken up and positioned all over the Tower is a bit of a nuisance, especially given that the last section is located on another page from the dictated source (page 12 instead of page 10). However if the Tower was playing a pun with the headlines, that was truly a job well done. Vinson Ma English Letters to the Editor – The Tower accepts letters to the editor. Letters should be 150 words or fewer. Email letters to […]

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Letters to the editor – Cafeteria still running cold

May 5, 2016 4:29 PM

All semester, in the Laney Campus cafeteria, patrons have experienced reduction of service more than half of the time at the regular lunch stations. As we near the end of the 2016 spring semester add a reduction in hours the cafeteria will be open. Food service sales are reduced, the usual funding that would subsidize food service cost and budget cuts have reduced service as well. Will the effects of less food production and also less sales contributed to the reduction in Fall 2016 cafeteria hours? What other surprises can we expect for the rest of the Spring semester. Does […]

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Letters to the editor – True cost of playoff ball

4:27 PM

“The Durant Dilemma” by Brandon Romo (March 17) drew my attention. I wish he included the cost of Durant in his article. Yes the Warriors can sign Durant to the max but what is going to happen when Curry becomes a free agent and Klay’s current contract runs out. Are they going to be able to have four guys (Draymond Green is currently under a max) with max money? Mohyman Awwada Journalism Letters to the Editor The Tower accepts letters to the editor. Letters should be 150 words or fewer. Email letters to laneytower(at)peralta.edu. We edit for space and clarity.

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Letters to the Editor – Homelessness is a real issue

April 21, 2016 11:40 AM

Editor—I read “A new home in writing” (Tower/April 7) not quite knowing what to expect. For various reasons, writing is an interesting subject to me, so I began reading. The title is a bit misleading, as the real story here is the writer’s experience with homelessness. The first line of the smaller headline (“Memories of teenage homelessness”) may have been more fitting. Nonetheless, I understood the intention and I also understand it might be a bit absurd for me so spend this much time focusing on the title. This story intrigued me because I recently returned to school after a […]

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Letters to the Editor – Laney lacking peer support

11:39 AM

Editor—I am a single father who is currently having some financial hardships while dealing with specific medical rehabilitation needs off campus. In Alameda County support programs for local native people with developmental disabilities is like finding a needle in a haystack. Who has the professional credentials to assist me with appropriate student assistance service on this campus? Laney College operates like a low budget Jr. High School—many of the on-campus student resources services are confusing to some adults with past college experiences. I need a student assistant to help with school-related things as a reasonable accommodation in place. It would also be helpful to have access […]

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