May 18, 2017 3:10 PM

Laney Cosmetology Department hair show features diverse styles and bold work


By Alexandra Evans
Tower Staff Writer

The Laney Bistro was transformed into a “runway stage” on May 5 with chairs set up in straight lines facing the center of the room.

Flowers made of tissue paper hung from the walls and outlined the border of the stage.

Thus the Cosmetology Department presented a hair and fashion show featuring the styling skills their new students had been taught throughout the semester.

The DJ and announcer, who exuded much enthusiasm, played a number of today’s most popular songs by artists such as DJ Snake, The Weekend, and Rihanna as the cosmetology students strutted down the aisle with sass and passion.

Blanca Rodriguez, a junior, explained that the seniors in the department had organized the show to expose students and faculty to hairstyles and outfits inspired by spring events.

Laney Cosmetology students Kayden (left) and Ruby (right) walk confidently down the Laney Bistro runway showing off the work of stylist Jasmin (center). Each class received their own theme to embrace during the show. As freshman, the theme for the trio was “Coachella: Day n Night.”

Students modeling “Coachella: Day n Night” stylings were inspired by the annual music and arts festival in Indio, Calif. They showed off bright colored braids, fur overcoats, fishnet stockings, and facial piercings.

Prom-inspired looks consisted of braided hair, up dos, and waves that resembled the hair of a mermaid.

As for casual, day-to-day dress, the models, some of whom also wore braids, presented bright-colored day dresses and blouses, rompers, and jeans.

Some of the students modeled Cinco de Mayo-themed outfits and hairdos, which consisted of festive blouses and party-themed masks, colorful flowers worn in the models’ hair and sashes.

The models hailed the Mexican flag as they made their way up and down the aisle, stopping for pictures every few steps.

Another component of the show, which organizers referred to as “Black Girls Rock,” showcased casual attire such as neutral colored leggings, jeans, and t-shirts.

Some of these were tie-dye, along with “work and business” looks consisting of jeans, jumpsuits, and blazers.

A Laney Cosmetology Student holds up a sign displaying her class theme, “Black Girls Rock,” during the Cosmetology Department’s Colors of Spring Hair Show on May 5. Dominique, another Laney student, was the main stylist for all the student models under this theme.

Hip-hop music blared through the speakers, and the DJ announced that a few Laney alumni were among these presenters.

Madrid Johnson, one of the nation’s top hair stylists who has worked in the Cosmetology Department for 40 years, attended the show and congratulated the models, stylists, and organizers as they all came out at the end of the show for final photos and rounds of applause.

“The hair industry has a lot to offer you if you have something to give to it,” Johnson said.

She spent time complimenting the cosmetology students’ work and effort in organizing the show, along with their hairstyling skills and fashion knowledge.

“Today is the beginning of the rest of your life.”

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