Privacy Protector

May 4, 2017 2:02 PM

Illustration by Sarah Carpenter

By Brian Howey
Tower Staff Writer

We’re going down the rabbit hole again for another round of privacy-protecting pointers.

Google’s search tool tracks your browsing history, preferences, and everything you click on while using Google sites and stores it in association with your IP address.

That information is sold to third party advertisers who use it to create user-specific advertisements.

Google creates “filter bubbles” by presenting search results that its automated system thinks you would prefer, which may differ from what you’re actually looking for.

Google is already known for privacy violations, such as the 2013 case in which Google admitted that its Street View cars were collecting not only street images, but also Android phone users’ WiFi passwords.

Want to prevent filter bubbles and stop being tracked by Google?

You can start by switching your search engine to a more privacy-minded alternative:

Google Alternatives
Google results without privacy infringement.
Open source. No user profile, no advertisements, no tracking.
French-based search client. No tracking, no filter-bubble.
Built into Safari and Firefox.

Privacy Protector is a new recurring feature aimed at helping you navigate the often overwhelming onling world by giving you tips and tricks for keeping yourself safe and secure.

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