Laney student government elected by only 111 students

May 4, 2017 2:27 PM

News Analysis

By Lauri Bloom
Tower Staff Writer

For some Laney College/ Peralta CCD students interested in running for office this year, the 2017 Peralta student government elections process seemed to happen so fast, that before students could start the long process of running, it was over.

They would “have submitted all the necessary paperwork (application, resume & petition) AND passed the necessary grade check to begin moving through the process as a candidate for the Associated Students of Laney College (ASLC) and/or PCCD Student Trustee,” read the email which announced candidacy from Director Gary Albury.

District-wide, fewer than 700 students voted in all. Laney elections had a total of 178 votes cast, although over 10,000 students are currently enrolled at Laney College.

Current ASLC Vice President Sheon Slaughter ran against ASLC President-Elect Keith Welch, making the office of the president the only contested position.

No vice-presidential candidate ran for office, and there were no write-ins. This is also true for the secretary position.

Daniel Neely, the current ASLC Treasurer, was elected unchallenged, as was Corey Hollis, the current student advocate.

(Editor’s note: The author of this piece, Lauri Bloom, was elected as ASLC publicity officer. She was also elected unchallenged.)

Students interested in learning more about student government should contact Albury, on the 4th floor in the Student Center. Or, simply attend an ASLC meeting at noon Thursdays in the Irma P. Walker Conference Room, also on the 4th floor in the Student Center.

If you are interested in who was on the 2017 Elections Committee, visit See the full results of the election below:

Associated Students of Laney College Election Results:

Keith Welch

No candidates

No candidates

Publicity Officer
Lauri Bloom

Aisha Jordan
Sarah Jung
Enrique Perez
Andy Tran
XueCheng Zhang

Student Trustees
David Ivan Cruz
Nesi More

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