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April 20, 2017 11:48 AM


Women in Music Festival – April 6-9

By David Hiltbrand
Tower Staff Writer

The Women In Music Festival took place in Oakland April 6-9, hosted at various locations around West Oakland and Downtown.

The festival was founded by Carmena Woodward, aka Red Corvette, and Evangeline Elder as a response to music and parties being a consistently male-dominated industry, and to give womxn an avenue for creative self expression in a venue of like-minded people.

Los Angeles DJ climaxXx shares an embrace with one of the womxn behind the Women in Music Festival as she closed out her bouncy, retro set, at the Gold Party on April 6.

In addition to three fantastic parties, the festival also boasted a robust lineup of panels, film screenings, yoga and meet and greets. The inaugural event, the Gold Party, was held at Alena Studios at 2725 Magnolia St. in Oakland, featuring  Oakland Rapper Stoni, Palestinian-American music curator climaxXx and event co-organizer Red Corvette. The womxn spun hip-hop and R&B through the ages, with the crowd sparkling gold.

“Womxn” is an alternative, feminist, trans-inclusive spelling of “women.”

Ecofest – April 20

LAURI BLOOM/TOWER – Artist Babii Cris performs at the 10th Annual EcoFest at Laney College on April 21, 2016. This year’s EcoFest will be held on April 20, and will boast a farmer’s market, electric cars, and food served by Laney Culinary Arts students.

By Hoku Gearheard-Gendre

Laney College will host the 11th annual EcoFest Sustainability Festival on April 20, 10 a.m to 2 p.m. The district wide event will include live music, food, dance, and much more.

Considered the best of its kind, and a major event of the year, Peralta’s Director of Energy and Environmental Sustainability Charles Neals says it’s the “one event where everybody is welcome with no charge,” and promises there is something for everyone.

From a children’s play area, to a farmers market, sustainable coffee, bee keeping, and electric cars, the event features many activities.

Food will be prepared and served by the students of Laney’s Culinary Arts Program.

A live concert lists a large collection of performers.

“It’s one event where students, teachers, staff, administrators, and community can come together, to fellowship, reflect, and have a good time,” says Neals.

For more information please contact Charles Neal’s assistant, Jamie Smith at jamiesmith@peralta.edu, or 510-587-7813. More information on the performers can be found here: http://web.peralta.edu/files/2017/03/Performer-Bios-EcoFest-2017.pdf.

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