The junk food of news

March 2, 2017 9:14 AM

So much news, so little time. More often than not, we are bombarded with “fake news” and what is called “junk food news” of the two neither is beneficial to news consumers.
As time progresses on and events occur, we are bombarded by news about those events.
At the same time, fewer local events help us better understand our community.
This is confusing. We can be misled by the news in believing whatever it is they, the news producers, would like to have on the agenda.
For instance, if the local news tells us another shooting happened today in our community we may be forced to move or take up carrying a weapon believing we must defend ourselves.
This can happen even though there is no real threat. We can be persuaded by a corporate news agenda.
Another example is the stock market, when people first got news Apple or Facebook stock was going through the roof, they bought the stock.
In turn the stock price increased dramatically.
Events can also become our history or easily a lack of a history and not related to what actually is happening around the world.
I hear they now call this fake news or junk food news.
And we are eating it up.
There are a few exceptions were we as informed consumers can find some news about this fake news and other ways we are being failed by our leaders, but we have to look long and use our brains to seek the truth about what we are presented.
Project Censored, which began investigating event journalism 30 years ago is doing a good job in my opinion. It has taken on tough topics and thoroughly researched and vetted the articles and book subjects taken on by its writers.
I want my new to be organic, raw and the truth, how about you?

Lauri Bloom is a staff writer at the Laney Tower. E-mail her at thelauriverse(at)

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