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September 5, 2016 6:49 AM

Having trouble signing up for classes? Follow our guide to getting in

Many classes at Laney College and at the other three colleges in the district are under-enrolled. Peralta Community College District’s enrollment has dropped and classes are being cut.
In “Saving Ethnic Studies”, a Laney Tower article that ran in the May 19 issue, then-Vice President of Instruction, Lilia Celhay, had several suggestions about how to keep classes from being cut.
She suggested students should take as many units as possible and that they register early for classes.
“We’re less likely to cut classes that are full, but if we see a class that is half full, that makes it vulnerable,” she said.
The article also detailed which departments had been hit hardest by cuts.
Many students have a hard time navigating Passport and getting the classes they need.
For example, students who have wanted to take certain courses in the humanities for the last few years have been able to enroll in these classes, only to have them cancelled due to low enrollment.
For students majoring in Labor Studies, for example, two sections of History of the American Labor Movement were listed in the class schedule one year, but when students tried to register for courses, Passport said the course numbers were invalid.
Labor Studies courses are only some of the many courses that get cancelled or consolidated, leaving students to wonder what they should do next.
Thus, the Laney Tower decided to run a tutorial on Passport.
We also wanted to let students know some of the classes that were underenrolled and possibly in danger of being cut (right). Many of these courses could be saved if more students enrolled.
The deadline to enroll in regular session classes is Sunday, Sept. 4.

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