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March 17, 2016 2:05 PM

Emeryville gets its first ‘real’ skate park


Adrian Cartier grinds a feature at the new Joseph Emery park.

Located between Park and 45th street on a narrow strip of freshly poured concrete parallel to San Pablo, Joseph Emery Park lies in wait. Unofficially open for the past month, we will finally see its grand opening this weekend—an event more than five years in the making.
In 2011, the City of Emeryville in conjunction with Caltrans demolished a do-it-yourself skateboard park, colloquially known simply as “The Spot.” This DIY spot under the 580 interchange was a hub for like-minded enthusiasts in the years it was open, and even the city had to concede it did more harm than good—the skaters were known to clean up piles of refuse dumped illegally in the area, as well as clean up graffiti and deter homeless encampments. A nearby DIY spot known as “Boardertown” was demolished later the same year.
The City of Emeryville almost immediately agreed to put up a legitimate skateboard park in its stead, and contacted Wormholdt Inc, a skatepark manufacturer that has designed and built scores of well-respected parks all over the world, which won the bid for the job at a price tag of $500,000.

Skateboarders enjoy a sunny day at the new Joseph Emery Park in Emeryville after a long week of rain.

Also known as the “Antonio Ramos Memorial Skateboard Park,” after a young artist who was struck down by gunfire while painting a mural in 2015, the Joseph Emery Park is open sunrise to sunset, and features a variety of ledges, banks, volcanoes and quarters, as well as a large bowl with pool coping. It also has a small semi-covered area with picnic benches and a “Portland Loo” style public bathroom.
artist rendering

artist rendering of a section of the new skate park.

The Joseph Emery Park Grand opening will take place March 19 at 11 a.m., and will feature a ribbon cutting ceremony, prize giveaways and demonstrations by local professional skaters.

Blueprint plans from the city of Emeryville for the new park. It contains a bowl with pool coping, multiple quarter pipes, banks, ledges and a “dragon-backed” bank.

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