Laney vs. Contra Costa for title

February 18, 2016 1:36 PM

Eagles knock off Solano, host Comets Friday night in BVC finale


Laney College’s Jamika Wilson (30) has become a real force in the middle for the Eagles. She had 33 points and 28 rebounds against theCollege of Marin on Jan. 7. Laney beat the Mariners, 84-56.

It all comes down to this week in women’s basketball.
In a topsy-turvy season that has been the Bay Valley Conference, the Laney College team has a chance win the BVC title with two victories over its nearest competitors.
The Eagles (10-1, 15-9) are tied with Contra Costa College (10-1, 20-9) for the BVC lead.
Laney defeated host Solano 47-29 on Feb. 17, knocking the Falcons (8-3, 13-14) out of the race. The Eagles finish the BVC season with a home game against Contra Costa on Friday, Feb. 19. For those who wish to attend, game time is 5:30 p.m.
The Comets, who defeated Laney 85-71 on Jan. 27 in San Pablo, had a one-game lead on the Eagles until Feb. 12 when visiting Solano upset Contra Costa 79-71. Now the Comets and Eagles are tied for the conference lead with the Falcons a game behind.
Laney defeated Solano 79-43 in Oakland on Jan. 22.
The BVC women’s basketball season has been extraordinarily scrambled this season as the schools—Los Medanos, Merritt and Napa Valley—were forced to suspend play, mainly due to the fact that players lost their eligibilty.
Both Merritt and Napa Valley suspended their seasons in December; Los Medanos is still recording 2-0 forfeits on the California Community Colleges Athletic Association (CCCAA) website.
What is means for other conference teams is that they are lacking six BVC games that cannot be made up by playing other schools; everyone is in conference play.
However, in one respect, Merritt’s loss is Laney’s gain. As any Peralta student can play a sport at any school, Merritt player Briana Carson came down the hill to play with the Eagles and has been a solid addition to the team.
Carson, a very quick guard, scored 16 points in Laney’s 70-53 home victory over Yuba College on Feb. 5. Maddie Mills also had 16 points and Jamika Wilson added 15.

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